Animations To Promote Business

Animation is not something new, we have had cartoons for ages. But it is now being used in new ways by businesses around the world. With the internet making the world smaller every day, businesses are able to expand their customer bases in huge leaps. But without an eye-catching web page or internet ad, the prospective customer might shuffle on by and find another website or ad that is more interesting.

With Animation Company USA,businesses can now create eye-popping web pages that will engage the viewer. The moving images catch the attention and give a first impression of the business that can be exciting. As the old saying goes,”A picture is worth a thousand words”, but a moving picture evokes even more from us.

I remember several years ago an advertisement came out for a certain brand of beer. The ad showed an artist’s hand drawing the beer, coloring the picture and then, in the end, it became a real bottle of beer and a person drank the beer. I was utterly fascinated. To this day, when that ad comes on, I stop what I am doing and watch. Why? Because the animation made the bottle of beer come alive long before the person picked it up and drank it. We can all look at a picture of a cup of coffee and know what it is but if we see it with steam rising from the cup, it engages other senses other than just sight.

The smell and taste of the coffee is brought to our minds. A picture of a rose is a picture of a rose but if it glows and glimmers, we immediately associate it with romance and all the feelings that romance inspires in us.

Such is the power of animation. With creative animation, an advertisement or web page is not just an ad or webpage, it becomes something more and we are influenced by the subconscious impressions it makes on us. Let’s return to the example of cartoons. We all loved cartoons when we were children. Why? Because the cartoons involved our imaginations, they stimulated and inspired us. The same is true of the animations we see on advertisements and web pages today.

Let’s face it, an image of a company logo is just that, an image. But if the logo moves, it catches our attention and conveys subliminal messages to us that influence our decision making and thought processes. Any business that hopes to become larger or more popular can play upon these messages in our subconscious and persuade us to take another, closer look. Moving images can say in an instant what cannot be said in few words.

Yes, to catch the immediate attention of a viewer, animation is priceless. So many people are very busy today and do not want to take the time to read a huge paragraph about your business and what you offer but if they can get the idea in a flash in a way that appeals to them and sends an instant message, you are more likely to capture that person as a customer.

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